Open Space

The City of Santa Clarita offers residents more than 78 miles of off street bike paths and paseos, and nearly 8,000 acres of protected open space for recreational use.

Santa Clarita’s extensive trail system is a hallmark of the area, offering endless recreational opportunities.  Whether you enjoy walking, running, hiking, biking, or are an equestrian, Santa Clarita’s trails were designed to keep you active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

The City of Santa Clarita offers PDF maps online featuring Santa Clarita’s trails and paseos.  The City also hosts the website, which features information about trails and recreation opportunities for hikers, walkers, bikers and equestrians who want to explore the City’s thousands of acres of open space.  Best of all, the site offers a comprehensive clickable map of trails and includes information about upcoming events and workshops focused on Santa Clarita’s beautiful open spaces.  Santa Clarita even has its own Hike Santa Clarita app for iPhone and Android, which you can access from the site. Happy hiking Santa Clarita!

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